how to add pictures to a gallery from the medialibrary in WordPress (3.4.1)

This is pissing me off. There is still no good media functionality in WordPress. I have another blog where i want to put some of my Pictures I took. I was happy when I first read that there is a lightbox coming with the latest Jetpack named Carousel. Untill now I just posted my Pictures in a new Post without any gallery function. That was not very pretty but I couldn’t be asked to look for, test and use a plugin for that.

So after seeing the new feature I activated it in Jetpack and went to the new post page to create my first Carousel gallery. Using the Twenty Eleven Theme I have the Post Format option gallery and thought that this will do to activate the gallery function. There was nothing else that was indicating that there was anything else to do. I chose the post format gallery and added a few pictures into the post. Saved it and clicked on preview.

Well as you can expect there was no carousel gallery better said. There was no gallery at all.

I started to look around the web and found out that I had to create a gallery first. But how?

I found some tutorials but I always had the same Problem that when I clicked on attach file I saw only these Tabs

Instead of these Tabs

I was missing the gallery Tab.

So how to get there. It is pretty easy to get the gallery tab when you add new Photos. You just upload them, then you click on save all at the bottom and there you have the tab with the gallery. Now you just click on insert gallery and you are done.

But how to get files in a gallery which are already in a post or uploaded?

First you need to Create a new Post give it a name and save it. Now go to your media library,

and click on attach next to the image you want to add to your library

here you can search for your Post and select it. Repeat with all pictures you want in the gallery.

It is possible that your picture is already attached to a post. Well in WP3.4 you are not able to attach one file to two different posts. Either way you have to reupload the same image under a new name or you have to unattach the file. This is only be done by removing it from the post.

Now go back to your Article and click on add File. Now you should have the Gallery tab. Click on it and then click on Insert gallery.

With Carousel activated from Jetpack you now have a lightbox picture gallery as soon as anyone clicks on one image.