Remote Desktop key combination

I had the problem that i needed to change my password remotely over Remote Desktop. The key combination strg +alt +del only brought me to the window of my own pc. So i looked around and there are several ways to do it.

  • 1. go on the Remote Desktop and click on “start” –> “Run” and type there “ost”. You get the screen keyboard. Press “strg” + alt” ony your keyboard and click now on “del”. and you are at the screen where you can start the Taskmanager and change your password.
  • 2. go on the Remote Desktop and press “alt gr” + “del”. This seems only to work on the first Remote Desktop. The moment you go to a second Remote Desktop over the first you only get to the screen of the first Remote Desktop.
  • 3. start the mstsc and click on options. Now go to the tab Local resources and choose from the Dropbox of the point “on the remote computer”
    Remote Desktop
  • 4. also there is the possibility to try the combination “strg” + “alt” + “end”
  • 5. and the last way i found out is that you go to start –> settings and click on windows security if it is viewable with your rights.