Remote Desktop key combination

I had the problem that i needed to change my password remotely over Remote Desktop. The key combination strg +alt +del only brought me to the window of my own pc. So i looked around and there are several ways to do it.

  • 1. go on the Remote Desktop and click on “start” –> “Run” and type there “ost”. You get the screen keyboard. Press “strg” + alt” ony your keyboard and click now on “del”. and you are at the screen where you can start the Taskmanager and change your password.
  • 2. go on the Remote Desktop and press “alt gr” + “del”. This seems only to work on the first Remote Desktop. The moment you go to a second Remote Desktop over the first you only get to the screen of the first Remote Desktop.
  • 3. start the mstsc and click on options. Now go to the tab Local resources and choose from the Dropbox of the point “on the remote computer”
    Remote Desktop
  • 4. also there is the possibility to try the combination “strg” + “alt” + “end”
  • 5. and the last way i found out is that you go to start –> settings and click on windows security if it is viewable with your rights.

BiosConfigUtility from HP

The Tool BiosConfigUtitlity from HP can help you to read out the Bios Configuration of an HP PC, and if you like to save the changes you made.
you’ll find it in the SSM Pack from HP
Download SSM
If you like this remote of a network you might need the PSTools from Sysinternals (Microsoft)

How to use BiosConfigUtility.exe: Quick Guide

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