iTunes.msi is missing

iTunes.msi is missing

I just had a problem in my Family that their iTunes would not update. Because of the reason that the iTunes.msi is missing.

Well it seems like that no one is listening when I tell them if you must have an iPhone or iPod you should also get an iMac. Well now I have the problems with their devices.

But to the solution of the problem.

During the update a message comes that the network resource itunes.msi is missing. I googled and found this blog entry

But it seems like it does not completely work with Windows Vista and I guess neither with win7.

So follow the first four steps mentioned in the Blog. you can find the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility here (yes it is a german page but just click on the blue “zum download” button. The download should start after a few seconds.)

NOTE: If you get a VBS Error during installation, make rightclick on the installer and run it with administrator rights. That should work!

if you have done step four you can try step five. but I got an error. So I did the following steps.

1. i went to add remove programs and made right-click on the apple software update program and click repair (maybe you can skip this step try it and give me feedback)

2. After that i went to the C:Program filesApple Software Update (or something like it I don’t have it in my head anymore sorry) and started it. It now looked for the new version.

3. start the installation.

4. be happy that it worked.


please give me feedback if it worked.

regards to gizmoghost thanks for the tip 😉



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