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For me the PSTools from Sysinternals (Microsoft) are a daily need to work for our customers so I thought maybe they are helpful for you too. As you can see I used them before in the Article for the BiosConfigUtility. In that Article I used PSexec. But for now I will start with PSList

You can download the PSTools here

I use PSList from the PSTools to check if user is logged on or to check the processes a user or a machine is running. For example when we do a silent installation on a machine which has more than one part to install I can see what is installing this moment. Or when I need to connect to a machine with RDP I can make sure no user is logged on.

for a simple use you just open a command window (start –> run –> cmd) pull the pslist.exe file into it and type after it -t -s \PCName

for example:

pslist.exe -t -s \MyPCName

But I don’t want to leave you there. This is probably how you use it most of the time. There are several other switches. to see what they do please check the Microsoft site. PSList

Anyway you might see fast that you use PSList in a regular basis and don’t want to pull the file in the cmd window and type everything in it. Well here is a simple batch file that will help you out. Putt the .bat file and the pslist.exe file in the same folder

@echo off

set /P TargetPC="PC Name: "
if not defined TargetPC goto GetTargetPC

start "PSList %*" pslist.exe /accepteula -t -s \%TargetPC%
set TargetPC =

goto GetTargetPC

As always this is the simplest solution.
all that the Script does is to ask you for a PC Name and start PS List in a new window. It will then go back to the point where it asks you for a PC Name. This is for the case that you maybe want to open a second PSList on the same or different PC.
The switch /accepteula prevents the eula window coming up when you use it the first time.

You can also add a few more things. Like a log or a Last used PC List.

If you need help with that or have generall questions feel free to ask. It would nice if you give me a feedback if this Article was helpful for you

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