how to add pictures to a gallery from the medialibrary in WordPress (3.4.1)

This is pissing me off. There is still no good media functionality in WordPress. I have another blog where i want to put some of my Pictures I took. I was happy when I first read that there is a lightbox coming with the latest Jetpack named Carousel. Untill now I just posted my Pictures in a new Post without any gallery function. That was not very pretty but I couldn’t be asked to look for, test and use a plugin for that.

So after seeing the new feature I activated it in Jetpack and went to the new post page to create my first Carousel gallery. Using the Twenty Eleven Theme I have the Post Format option gallery and thought that this will do to activate the gallery function. There was nothing else that was indicating that there was anything else to do. I chose the post format gallery and added a few pictures into the post. Saved it and clicked on preview.

Well as you can expect there was no carousel gallery better said. There was no gallery at all.

I started to look around the web and found out that I had to create a gallery first. But how?

I found some tutorials but I always had the same Problem that when I clicked on attach file I saw only these Tabs

Instead of these Tabs

I was missing the gallery Tab.

So how to get there. It is pretty easy to get the gallery tab when you add new Photos. You just upload them, then you click on save all at the bottom and there you have the tab with the gallery. Now you just click on insert gallery and you are done.

But how to get files in a gallery which are already in a post or uploaded?

First you need to Create a new Post give it a name and save it. Now go to your media library,

and click on attach next to the image you want to add to your library

here you can search for your Post and select it. Repeat with all pictures you want in the gallery.

It is possible that your picture is already attached to a post. Well in WP3.4 you are not able to attach one file to two different posts. Either way you have to reupload the same image under a new name or you have to unattach the file. This is only be done by removing it from the post.

Now go back to your Article and click on add File. Now you should have the Gallery tab. Click on it and then click on Insert gallery.

With Carousel activated from Jetpack you now have a lightbox picture gallery as soon as anyone clicks on one image.

Printer Driver Deinstallation

What was the Problem? I wanted to update the HP UPD 5.1 PCL 6 Driver to the HP UPD 5.4 PCL 6 Drivers. As i already new for the silent install i used the install.exe /q /npf /h /dm (automatic mode, do not open the printer folder after installation, no dialog is shown, Dynamic Mode) if you need mor commandswitches you can just pull the install.exe in a cmd window and use /? for more help.

So i tried the installation and after about an hour i aborted the installation. What was wrong?
As i said the UPD 5.1 was already installed and the setup routine was not able to update the Driver and or the Software. So i wanted to delete the Printer and the Driver. I went to the Printer folder, clicked on File, then on Server properties and there i clicked on Drivers and wanted to delete the Driver… i got an error that the printer was already in use. After some use of google i found out that i should restart the Printer spool (net stop spool ; net start spool) so i tried it, but without any success. Continue reading Printer Driver Deinstallation

Delete Outlook Duplicates Items

Well this wasn’t my day today. I Imported an archive.pst file into my inbox THREE times. and now I was sitting there and had to pick out the duplicates.

It took me something like 4 hours to finaly find a tool that was able to help me. And because I want you to not look around for so long here the link to the tool

Sadly it only deletes the duplicates in the current folder. But it is still better then nothing.


UltraEdit 17 Silent Installation

That was kind of hard to find the right command line for UltraEdit 17. As i started to drag the .exe file into my cmd and see with /? if there are command line switches, i saw that you can do a silent install with .exe /S /V/qn at least so it says. But as you might know that is not true.

So how do you do a silent install of UltraEdit 17. It is pretty easy if you know how. You need a configuration file. It is called setup.iss and you have to generate it yourself.

open up an command window (cmd) and start the.exe file as followed

.exe -r -f1C:\Temp\setup.iss

you have to work through the installation manualy like you want it later on. Now just start your silent installation as followed.

.exe -s -f1C:\Temp\setup.iss

if you like to get a logfile you can use the following line.

.exe -s -f1C:\Temp\setup.iss -f2C:\Temp\ue.log

thats pretty much it.

For the Activation you have to use this.

uedit32.exe /lic,e=”<LicenseID>|<Password>”

and for UltraCompare this.

uc.exe -lic “<LicenseID>|<Password>”


as always. If you have qustions just ask.



eventhoug i don’t live in the US this concerns me and i wan’t to raise a little awarenes to this thing. If you have not yet heard of it please take a bit of time and read the following.

German Wiki

English Wiki

i do not always tkae a picture from 9gag but i think that this time no one will be mad. Read it and visit (but be carefull 9 gag is addictiv)



(just click on the picture to see the full image.