Printer Driver Deinstallation

What was the Problem? I wanted to update the HP UPD 5.1 PCL 6 Driver to the HP UPD 5.4 PCL 6 Drivers. As i already new for the silent install i used the install.exe /q /npf /h /dm (automatic mode, do not open the printer folder after installation, no dialog is shown, Dynamic Mode) if you need mor commandswitches you can just pull the install.exe in a cmd window and use /? for more help.

So i tried the installation and after about an hour i aborted the installation. What was wrong?
As i said the UPD 5.1 was already installed and the setup routine was not able to update the Driver and or the Software. So i wanted to delete the Printer and the Driver. I went to the Printer folder, clicked on File, then on Server properties and there i clicked on Drivers and wanted to delete the Driver… i got an error that the printer was already in use. After some use of google i found out that i should restart the Printer spool (net stop spool ; net start spool) so i tried it, but without any success. Continue reading Printer Driver Deinstallation

Adobe Acrobat Professional uninstall

Maybe you want to uninstall Adobe Acrobat professional and you will see that there is no uninstall button in Add Remove Programs. For this you need to change a registry Key.




just copy this into a txt file and save it with the extension “.reg” Double click on it, choose yes and finally click ok. Now you’ll see the uninstall button in ARP

i just looked at the search tearms that brought people here and they were looking for the uninstall string. So here it is.
msiexec /I {AC76BA86-1033-F400-7760-000000000004}